GDPR Solutions



Check the compliance of your business with the GDPR trough GAP analysis


Training for Data Protection Officers (DPOs) for full implementation and control according to GDPR


Comprehensive report that includes business analysis in accordance with GAP analysis


Full consultative support on issues related to GDPR and its application


Implementation of adopted rules and procedures into your business


Preparation of all the necessary documents in the form of standards and recommendations according to
the GDPR regulations

About us

Bearing in mind that the business of each client is unique and that, in addition to organizational and technical expertise, it also requires special legal expertise in order to comply with the requirements of the GDPR lawyers Marija Vojvodić and Branislav Filipović, since 2016, when the GDPR regulations have been adopted, have been helping their domestic and foreign clients in the process of customizing and implementing this innovative system with the specifics of their business by setting new standards in data protection.

As one of the few who have dealt with the problems and requirements of business adjustment, the organization of various activities in order to comply to the GDPR regulations, as well as overcoming the various challenges that the GDPR has set, they have gained the necessary experience and knowledge in order to provide a comprehensive, systematized and efficient legal support to the clients to whom the implementation of this regulation necessary.

Their involvement in the process of implementing the GDPR regulation from the very beginning enabled them to create a unique approach and model in helping clients in situations that require legal aspects of compliance with GDPR, which enable them to successfully manage legal risks and provide the necessary technical and organizational data protection measures.

The focus on professional, reliable and complete legal support, protection and harmonization solutions as well as many satisfied customers are standards that guarantee their quality.

Our team

Marija Vojvodić


Marija graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of Novi Sad. During her long career she dealt with issues related to European legislation, IT law, intellectual property protection, and data protection. She started her legal career at the Faculty of Management as an assistant professor in three legal subjects: Commercial Law, Business Law and Labor Law. The main focus of her research was to follow new theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of European legislation, IT law, protection of intellectual property, data protection and implementthem in practice.Since 2014 she has been a member of the Bar Association of Serbia and the Bar Association of Vojvodina.
Advanced training:

  • Integrated Innovation Support Program for Improving Innovation in SMEs
  • Integrated Innovation Support Program – Investment Readiness Program for SMEs
  • Certified EU GDPR training course

Branislav Filipović


Branislav graduated from the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad. After graduation, he worked as a judical apprentice at the District Court in Novi Sad. He completed postgraduate studies in the field of EU Law. Since 2009 he has been a member of the Bar Association of Serbia and the Bar Association of Vojvodina. During his long-standing career as a lawyer, he
professionally specialized in international corporate and business law, IT law and data protection. He also participated in international arbitration procedures and mediation procedures in Vienna, as a lawyer of one of the largest import companies in Serbia, and regularly provided advisory and consultation services to his clients in this specific field.

Advanced training:

  • Certified EU GDPR training course



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